Welcome to Red Rail Farm Nigerians

AGS/ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats
established 2010

Red Rail Farm Nigerians if for sale!
I have decided to liquidate my Nigerian goats to focus totally on my miniature horses. 
ALL goats are for sale!  To facilitate sales. I have drastically reduced the prices on my remaining stock.

Herd Management:
    Our goats are vaccinated annually.  We trim hooves and deworm on a regular schedule.  Each mature goat receives a bi-annual copper bolus.  Our goats are provided with mineral, fresh water, alfalfa pellets, BOSS, beet pulp and grass hay or grass pasture year round.   We feed our pregnant and lactating does a special grain ration.   To maintain optimum overall health, we adjust each goats ration as needed to best suit their particular needs.
    At kidding time we make every effort to be present when each doe delivers to make sure our kids are up and nursing as soon as possible and to desensitize them to handling.  All horned kids are disbudded and all kids are vaccinated for CD&T.
    We do not normally test for CAE/CL and Johne's.  We maintain a closed herd that never leaves Red Rail Farm.  Our foundation stock all tested negative prior to coming to us, and any new additions either come from negative herds or are tested before arriving.   We are happy to test any goat being sold, at the buyer's request and expense.
    After a good deal of research into the benefits of their use, we recently began adding a few herbals to our goats diet.  We are anxious to see their impact on the well being of our animals. 
Red Rail Farm Pattycake  AGS/ADGA

DOB:  17 March 2009Height:
This sweet tempered little chamoisee doe with moonspots is dairy bred on both sides of her pedigree.  She has nice length of body, good angulation, and a nice chest but would like to see a bit flatter rump.  She presented us with blue eyed buckskin twin doelings with her first freshening in 2012.  She has a nice udder with good attachments. Her extended pedigree is filled with champions.

Pattycake will be offered for sale after her March 2014 kids have been weaned.

Kidding history:
3/28/11 - twins; 2 does3/21/2014 -1 doe, for sale $200 (go to bottom of page
2012  -  did not settle  for picture
8/30/2013 - single doe
Red Rail Farm PB Marigold AGS/ADGA
buckskin and random white, blue eyes, frosted points

DOB:  28 March 2012Height:
Marigold is the oldest of the first twins born on Red Rail Farm.  She is a keeper because of her appealing personality and dainty little head, not to mention her blue eyes!  We also want to preserve and improve upon this bloodline.  She has good length of body, nice chest, and good angulation. 
She is maturing into a beautiful doe and I am very excited about breeding her in 2013.

Marigold in the foreground, her twin
sister behind
  SS: Camanna BJ Troublemaker Blue
Sire:  Camanna TM Pretty Blue Fox (blue eyes)
         SD: Tupence Blu Blazes

         DS:  Odeon MM Riley
Dam:  Red Rail Farm Pattycake
         DD: Harmony Mtn Pa Zone
WRRanch Opal   AGS/ADGA
grey/white; frosted points

DOB:  25 March 2012Height:
  SS: Rocky Acher Zipper
Sire:  Rocky Acher Stewart
         SD: Rocky Acher Crickett

         DS:  Camanna TM Pretty Blue Fox (blue eyes)
Dam:  Fox's Den Chocolate Pearl
         DD: AJUD S Diamond Pendant
Opal was purchased in 2012.  Her sire was named RCH in 2012 at Wine Country Classic and her Grandsire (Camanna TM Pretty Blue Fox)was named CH at the same show!   A bit out of proportion as a doeling, she is showing improved conformation with maturity.  I would still like to see better angulation and a little deeper chest, but her length of body is nice and she is nice and wide.

SOLD!  Congratulations to the Vega Family!

  SS: Saguaro Money Matters
Sire:  Odeon MM Riley
         SD: Dusty Bear GD Raven's Wing

         DS:  PromisedLand CP Aires *S
Dam:  Harmony Mtn Pa Zone
         DD: QSF BD Belle
Camanna WO White Divinity
photos courtesy Camanna's Petite Paradise
Camanna TM Pretty Blue Fox
photo courtesy Whiskey River Ranch

Rocky Acher Stewart
photo courtesy Whiskey River Ranch
  SS: Buttin' Heads Father Christmas
Sire:  Poppy Patch FC Blue Avatar (blue eyes)
         SD: Poppy Patch Marilyn Monroe

         DS:  Tahoma White Out (polled)
Dam:  Camanna WO White Divinity (polled)
         DD: Mountain Quest JE Aplet Magic
Camanna BA Creamsicle   AGS/ADGA
cream, hazel eyes

DOB:  12 February 2012Height:
After much searching we finally purchased our first buck in 2013.  We are very excited about the bloodlines that Creamsicle, aka Buddy, will be bringing to our herd.  He is long and level, has a tiny dished head, and nice angulation and width.  His pedigree is full of outstanding individuals with proven show records, known for their dairy character and strong mammary systems.   In addition to this, Buddy also has polled and blue eyed genetics from his sire and dam.  
We want to thank Janet Day for selling Creamsicle to us.

Poppy Patch FC Blue Avatar
photo courtesy Camanna's Petite Paradise
Reference Does             Reference Bucks
Harmony Mtn Pa Zoe
photo courtesyKW Farms Nigerians
Poppy Patch Marilyn Monroe
photos courtesyPoppy Patch Nigerians
  SS: Poppypatch FC Blue Avatar (blue eyes)
Sire:  Camanna BA Creamsicle
         SD: Camanna WO White Divinity (polled)

         DS:  Odeon MM Riley
Dam:  Red Rail Farm Pattycake
         DD: Harmony Mtn Pa Zone
Red Rail Farm CC Miss America AGS/ADGA
chamoisee and scattered white; frosted ears; white poll

DOB:  30 August 2013Height:
We really like this little doeling and plan to retain her for our breeding program.  She is VERY well put together and was exactly what we were wanting to see in our kids.  Even as a youngster, she has beautiful length of body, nice angulation, good chest and a delicate dished head, as well as a very nice topline.  She does carry polled and blue eyed genetics that we are hoping may crop up with her kids.

Tahoma Citation
photos courtesy Camanna's Petite Paradise
Camanna RHB Blue Delilah
photos courtesy Camanna's Petite Paradise
Rocky Acher Lacey AGS/ADGA (pending)

DOB:  21May2010Height:
  SS: Tahoma Citation (polled, blue eyes)
SireCamanna CT Blue Bill Grogan (polled, blue eyes)
         SD: Camanna RHB Blue Delilah

         DS: AJUD Diamond Tie Tac
Dam:  Rocky Acher Nutmeg
         DD:  Phantasma Coriander
We are excited to announce the addition of this very refined doe to our breeding program.   I had hoped to one day find a doe with this breeding (Camanna RHB Blue Delilah) to cross with Creamsicle.  She arrived at Red Rail Farm February 27, 2014 as a bred doe (due to kid in June) and will be bred in October to Creamsicle.  Lacey has very strong dairy and polled/blue eyed genetics.  Crossing our fingers some of her Creamsicle kids will be blue eyed and polled.
We want to thank Makenzie Frost of Rocky Acher for selling this sweet doe to us.

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Kidding History:
2011 - single buck
2012 - twins
Bred to JY Blue Tucker; due 6/18/2014 - click here for Tucker's pedigree

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Kidding history:
3/18/2014 - twins; 1 buck $180, 1 doe $200
                     both with blue eyes
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Kidding history:
due 4/3/2014
200409 E 73rd Ave  Kennewick, WA   99337 
by phone:  (509) 572-6183
2014 kids - SOLD!

     Doe:  Rosie  blue eyes        18 March   Buck:  Finnigan   blue eyes
           Red Rail Farm PB Marigold x Camanna BA Creamsicle
     Doe:  Fiona        21 March 
    Red Rail Farm Pattycake x Camanna BA Creamsicle

                                        FOR SALE:  $200
For Sale:  $100
For Sale:  SOLD
For Sale:  $200
For Sale:  $225
For Sale:  SOLD